The Project

Role: Media Designer/ Dramaturg (2010-2011)

Director/Choreographer: Grisha Coleman

Summary: echo::system is an ongoing live performance and installation work startedby Grisha Coleman in 2008 as a collaboration between team of artists and researchers. The project "is a response to our current environmental crisis caused by contemporary humans' inability to reflect on our own impact to the natural world." The team worked with experts in dance, archeology, computer science, environmental humanities, design, music, media, and architecture in developing active and engaging mediated spaces which explore socio-cultural and ecological aspects of the Sonoran Desert.

The System

Between 2010-2011 I worked as the projection designer and VJ for a series of dance installations and developed media for a treadmill based interactive video installation focused on the desert. Media for both treadmill and performance came from a time lapsed photo-series I took as a walk from the downtown metro area of Tempe Arizona to the ancient ruins of Case Grande 50 miles away. Images were processed in Photoshop and composited into video in After Effects and then integrated into various ‘walks’ people could take on a treadmill.


The media system for the dance installation involved 4 video projectors covering the adjacent walls of the performance as well as the floor. Content from the treadmill served as a base material for procedurally animated and distressed variations of the footage that explored the aesthetics of the desert. Modul8 was used for improvised play back and video processing of both prerecorded footage and live cameras.



by Grisha Coleman

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