The Project

Role: Media Design

Conductor: David Schildkret

Lead Designers: Boyd Branch & Jake Pinholster

Assistants: Michael Bateman, Jesse Cabrera, Dan Carino

Consultant: Matt Ragan


The Creation Project was a year-long series of events culminating in a multi-media performance of Haydn’s oratorio The Creation in April 2015 featuring a chorus of 300 singers, the ASU Symphony Orchestra, and student soloists under the direction of David Schildkret. The design team led by Boyd Branch and Jacob Pinholster developed original 2D and 3D animations and compositions that followed Haydn’s story of creation. The media content was mapped and projected onto the entire proscenium and the two adjacent walls creating 180 degrees of immersive video. A Microsoft Kinect was used to track motion from the conductor which drove procedural animations of swirling clouds and lightning storms based on the intensity of hand movement.


The System

A Dataton Watchout system served three 12K projectors and received media from a separate media server running Derivative’s Touch Designer.


Touch Designer was used for realtime processing of the Microsoft Kinect Data driving procedural animations and particle generators for clouds, stars, and lightning.


2D content was designed in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, and 3D content and animations were built in Cinema 4D and Touch Designer.

The Creation Project

based on the music of Joseph Haydn

Video sample