The Project

Co-directed and written by Boyd Branch & Steve Wilcox

Venues: Mesa Arts Center, AZ Science Museum, Heritage Square Park, ASU Art Museum, Phoenix Public Market

Summary: The Blue Bike Kid Show creates original theatrical, technological, scientifical, and slightly absurd experiences for kids. Our live shows and interactive installations demystify technology, champion science, and empower every child's natural spirit of innovation. Blue Bike has created 2 original productions about aviation(Flight-O-Vation) and sustainability (ShoePocalypse). Productions were commissioned and featured by the Mesa Arts Center and the Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiative Sustival Festival. In addition to the productions, Blue Bike has created several interactive installations that have been featured in festivals, museums, and cultural events throughout Arizona.

The System

Blue Bike productions feature puppettry and interactive digital media. Video playback, processing, mapping, and interactivity is developed iin Isadora.


The Time-O-Portation Booth (Dev. by Branch) takes pictures of kids during great moments of history. The system was developed in Processing and Isadora and inputs a live feed of the child as they stand in front of chromakey background composited with a selected photo.


Flight-O-Vater(Dev. by John Carpentar & Branch) leads kids through the process of designing airplanes out of fluorescent paper that steers 3D models of airplanes from aviation history on a large projected screen. The system was developed in Processing and involved filtering a live image for the coordinates the various fluorescent colors which were mapped to the location of the virtual planes.

The Blue Bike Kid Show

by Boyd Branch and

Steve Wilcox

Video sample